Born in Los Angeles, Anneliese Charek has been studying and performing for the past 25 years. She began her dance training at a young age at the Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, with a focus on Ballet.  Until the age of 18, she went through PAC’s professional dance training program, studying six days a week and performing throughout the year. During this time she was also invited to join the Joffrey Ballet’s children cast for two seasons of the Nutcracker. Later on, she discovered contemporary dance and received a BFA from California Institute of the Arts for performance/choreography and production. There she was trained by notable dancers and choreographers including; Tina Yuan (of Alvin Ailey), Glen Eddy (Nederlands Dans Theater), Colin Connor (Limon), Lyndon Branaugh (Martha Graham Company) , Jeffrey Gerodias (Alvin Ailey) , Rachel Berman (Paul Taylor Dance Company) and more.


During her dance training she participated and performed in various workshops and festivals around the world; American Dance Festival, ImpulsTanz Vienna, Thodos Dance Chicago, Holly Johnson’s Ledges and Bones Intensive (Los Angeles), International Contemporary Dance Workshop Prague.


Upon graduating from CalArts she joined the Li Chiao-Ping Dance Company, performing locally and abroad with them for two years. After moving abroad in 2009, she began working with local dancers in the Czech republic and by teaching ballet to young learners in Thailand.


In 2103 she co-founded the community art space Basement t 6 Collective (which has housed numerous exhibitions and art happenings from international and local artists). In 2014 she founded SLATE contemporary dance company, with the hopes of developing the contemporary dance scene in Shanghai. Since it’s beginning the company has performed six of her works locally.  In 2015 she completed a residency with the Suzhou Dance Company, where she also created a commissioned piece for their company. Also in 2015 she created and curated the five month long performance series IN THE FLESH, with it’s first season hosted at Minsheng Art Museum.  Currently she works as a freelance dance instructor for children and adults in Shanghai while performing with local artists and her group SLATE.  This year she received a full scholarship to study at Shanghai Theater Academy, and is currently working on her Master’s in Intercultural Communication Studies.  Her thesis research will focus on experimental performance in China.


Performing Arts Center, pre-professional program with a focus in Ballet and Jazz: from age 9 to 18, Los Angeles

California Institute of the Arts, Contemporary Dance performance/choreography/production, BFA, 2004-2007, Valencia, California, USA

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Video-Installation, MFA candidate, 2008-2009, Madison, Wisconsin,

Prague Film School, Certificate in Film Directing, 2009, Prague, Czech Republic

Ajarya Yoga Institute, Yoga Certification, 2014, Rishikesh, India

Shanghai Theater Academy, current student in Master’s program for Intercultural Communication Studies



2019 iPANDA /Independent performance ‘artivists’ network, guest speaker view website here

2018 Shanghai Normal University, Contemporary dance for Actors.  Guest teacher for acting program.

2017-present Dance Plus (formerly Ting Ballet)  Contemporary Dance teacher.

2017-present Arabesque Ballet School.  Ballet Teacher: creates beginner level and advanced level courses for adults.

2016-present Fusion Art Center.  MODERN dance + repertoire teacher: create class curriculum and instruct weekly two-hour immersive courses for beginners of contemporary dance.

2016-present Concord Music School, Creative Movement Instructor:  create curriculum and instruct weekly sessions for young learners to develop their own movement vocabulary through dance.

2016 TED x Suzhou Women:  Invited guest performer with SLATE. 

2016+ 2017 Creativity and Movement: Seminar and Workshops presented at Shanghai Theater Academy and Shanghai Normal University: Was invited as a guest teacher to present a workshop in improvisational movement.

2016 Speech for the American Consulate for the artist series hosted by Julie Chun on contemporary artists living and working in Shanghai.

2016 SLATE Movement Workshops.  Created and administered a five week long course for the community, inviting dancers and non-dancers to partake improvisational movement and contemporary dance.

2016 iStage Academy, Head Ballet teacher and dance department consultant: Created curriculum and administers classes in Ballet to young learners.  Developed and co-ran dance department with alongside the founders of iStage Academy. 

2016-2017 Body Lab Wellness Center, Ballet and Yoga teacher.

2015-2016 DanceWorks Shanghai, Head Ballet teacher:  Created curriculum and administered classes for children and adults in the styles of Ballet and Contemporary and Yoga. 

2015 Guest Teacher at Shanghai Normal University:  Conducted an eight-part dance workshop for actors.

2014-2015 Guest Teacher for Suzhou Dance Company:  As part of a residency, created a two month long workshop in Contemporary Dance for the company’s professional dancers.  This included modern Dance technique, Modern Dance history, lectures on current trends in the dance world, improvisational and choreographic workshops.

2015  ‘In the Flesh’ performance series at Minsheng Art Museum .  Creator and curator of a five month long series focused on giving a stage to artists working in the areas of experimental dance and performance.

2014-present SLATE Contemporary Dance Company Shanghai.  Founder/choreographer/artistic director/dancer.  SLATE consists of both local and expat dancers and serves as a platform for training and creation.

2014 Xiaha Yoga Studio.  Yoga instructor

2012 NaNa Herb, Surat Thani, Thailand.  Ballet teacher.  Instructed young learners ages 3 to 7 in the basics of Ballet.

2007-2009 Li Chiao-Ping Dance Company.  Touring member





2018 Fashion Film + performance for Yuhan Wang.  choreographed by Zhao Tong + Anna Herrmann

Fashion Acoustic by XCOMMONS / Shanghai Fashion Week


2018 'Circus' site-specific performance + collaboration with architect / designer Nasim Sehat for Festival of Design.  Design Republic

choreographer + sound designer


2017 'Wink / Winkler' by UMA Body Theater

CLOUD Theater at Fosun Foundation


2017 'Let's Deal' by Huang Fangling and A.f.art theater West Bund Art Fair


2017 'Garden of Rebirth' choreography by Yu Chien Cheng, Modern Art Museum Shanghai


2017 Collaboration with Hong Kong based gallery Ora Ora and America sculptor Will Clift at Art 021 fair, Shanghai Exhibition Center.

choreographer and dancer

2017 'Future Urbanism' for GQ, Urban Matters by Mini event at Xintiandi, Shanghai

choreographer and dancer


2017 'Modern Age : Immersive theater and dance performance', for DiDi Luxury car service launch event at Sinan Mansions, Shanghai.



2017 'Flow' Wuzhen Theater Festival, choreographed by Yu Chien Cheng



2017  'The Red Night', hosted by KTGA for Solane del Mobile, Milano Shanghai Exclusive Party, Shanghai Galley of Art, 3 on the Bund

Choreographer and dancer


2017 ‘The Act of Listening’ Minsheng 21 for the French sound art exhibition ‘Listening to Transparency’



2017 ‘Why?’ , Power Station of Art

choreographer and dancer


2017 ‘Shanghai Flow’ a collaboration with French public sculoture artist Flora Vachez, Basement 6 Collective

choreographer and dancer


2017 ‘Selected Gaze’ by Huang Fangling at the Shanghai Biennale, Power Station of Art



2016 ‘Wander in Anger’ by Virgine Knight as part of the ‘Performing Artillery’, Group show and International Conference, Minsheng Art Museum



2016 Live at RAM ten day residency, “Felix Gonzalez-Torres Sensory Tour” by Huang Fangling, RockBund Art Museum



2016 Modern Drama Valley Festval, Jingan

dancer / choreographer


2016 ‘Time Rite’ directed by Huang Fangling, at Mcam Ming Contemporary Art Museum



2016 Aly Rose X MOCA Shanghai, choreographed by Aly Rose



2016 ‘Shanghai Project: Phase One’ Site specific performance at Himalayas Art Center on Envision pavilion by Sou Fujimoto

choreographer and dancer


2016 ‘Tastes of Life’, choreographed by Aly Rose, at Shanghai Symphony Orchestra



2016 ‘Wake up to Dream’, directed by Bruce Bo Ding, at Chronus Art Center

choreographer and dancer


2016 ‘The Moon and Sixpence’ , film by Yuan Keru commissioned by iWeekly


2016 ‘A Struggle Between’, by A.F. Art Theater Fangling, Shanghai Chi k11Art Museum


2015 ‘Past Time/Error’ performance at Minsheng Art Museum



2015 ‘As One’ commissioned by Suzhou Dance Company



2015 ErGao workshop and performance at McaM



2015 ‘The Maids in Enclave’ at MOCA Pavillion presented by Fang Ling



2015 ‘Untitled’ as part of MOVEMENT: a three part experiential performance series at Factory 54, Shanghai



2015 Workshop with Kevin Pollack, formerly of Nederlands Dans II and Scarapino Ballet



2015 ‘As if trying to catch smoke’ as part of double-bill performance with Nahash at Vision Art Center, Shanghai



2015 ‘As if trying to catch smoke.’ As part of JUE festival at Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai



2014 ‘In response to:  A swimming pool that can hear the sound of the ocean’ as part of Vision Magazine’s Tagging Art program, at Lafayette Center, Shanghai



2014 ‘What is seen.’ At Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai



2014 ‘Empty’ as part of the program ‘The Gathering of Fireflies II’ at Datian Lilongs and M50

dancer, choreography by Corine Englander


2014 ‘3 MOVEMENTS’ at 1933 Building, Shanghai



2010 Prague International Dance Workshop, Prague



2009 ImpulsTanz Vienna, Vienna



2009 ‘Hallelujah’ by Douglas Rosenberg, Overture Center, Madison

dancer (soloist)


2009 Thodos Dance Intensive, Chicago



2008 Pro Danza Festival Mexico, Puebla



2007 ‘Salt’ by Rosanna Gamson, RedCat Theater, Los Angeles



2007 Trio ‘Untitiled’, Sharon Disney Lund Theater, Los Angeles



2007 American Dance Festival, Durham



2007 Solo ‘Neither Grey nor Bile’, Sharon Disney Lund Theater, Los Angeles



2006 ‘And the Woman was Happy’ by Candice Palmer, Sharon Disney Lund Theater, Los Angeles



2006 ‘You, Me, We’ by Jinyun Song, L.A.C.E., Los Angeles



2006 Ledges and Bones Intensive, Los Angeles



2005 ‘Die Ewige Weiderkehr’ by Wen-Chu Yang,  Sharon Disney Lund Theater, Lose Angeles